Advan Yokohama

Motorsport Tyres

Advan Yokohama

Yokohama's motorsport tyres offer fantastic grip on the road or track.  International Motorsport are the New Zealand exclusive distributor for Yokohama racing tyres such as the A050, one of the most popular semi slick tyres in New Zealand.   

The prestigious ADVAN brand has been around since 1979 when Yokohama sponsored the "Japan Race Of Champions" and introduced the A001, Japan's first high performance radial tyre. Since then all Yokohama's race tyres have carried the ADVAN logo. 

Yokohama ADVAN Motorsports tyres are manufactured solely for competition. Although some of the models can be used on public roads, the tyres are produced with specially designed patterns and compounds, and they are not suitable for public road use. Yokohama recommends using Yokohama ADVAN motorsports tyres only for the intended uses for each pattern, and please remember such tyres are made for competition and therefore carry no warranty.