Ford V8 Supertourer


The V8 SuperTourer is based round a purpose-built chassis and 410kW (550hp) 7 litre V8 engine.

V8 SuperTourers are built using similar chassis design principles to the upcoming 2013 V8 Supercars Car Of The Future (COTF) technical specifications, with an 18x11in wheel and 280/680R18 sized tyre.

Designed from the outset as a category to keep competitor costs down, V8SuperTourers are built on a common racing chassis.

A 7.0L dry-sumped alloy V8 engine, identical, to the engine used in the American built Mosler GT3 cars, will power all V8ST cars.

Representing the latest models from Holden and Ford, there will be also scope for additional manufacturers to join the series in the future.

Both of our V8 Supertourers are for sale.

Ford Falcon V8 Supertourer (2012) - Vehicle Specs

Vehicle type 4 Door Touring Car
Chassis Tube and Plate Monocoque
Engine Chevrolet V8
Displacement 7,000 ccm
Power 550 hp at 6,800 rpm
Drive system Rear-wheel-drive
Gearbox 6-speed sequential
Brakes Brembo 355mm Front, 328mm Rear
Fuel tank capacity 120l
Wheels 18 by 11 inch Forged Aluminium Wheels


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